Charles Weathers – A Workout for Emerging Leaders – August 22

Greenville, SC (July 27, 2018)— DNA Creative Communications (DNA), in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greenville, the United Way of Greenville County, the Hollingsworth Funds, The Graham Foundation and the Jolley Foundation presents “Circuit Training: A Workout for Emerging Leaders” on Wednesday, August 22 (9:00 – 3:00) at Zen, located at 924 S. Main St in Greenville. Leadership expert Charles Weathers will facilitate the session, which is specifically designed for emerging nonprofit leaders.

Charles Weathers is the founder of The Weathers Group, a management consulting firm specializing in developing leaders, relationships and strategies that strengthen organizational performance. As a nationally recognized speaker, writer and consultant, he is known for his ability to help groups navigate difficult conversations and decisions. Weathers captivates audiences with contagious energy, insight and humor.

On August 22 Charles will facilitate conversations, which explore the many routes, bridges, barriers, and detours that nonprofit leaders encounter along the way. This session will offer emerging leaders a space to exercise and flex their muscles so they can get in shape for a meaningful journey. Designed specifically for the individual who is looking for the “next step” on the road to fitness, this interactive session will challenge the participant’s leadership paradigm, as well as provide them with practical knowledge and the following steps to implement immediately.

  • Learn a strengths-based approach to leadership.
  • Develop a personalized leadership workout plan.
  • Create a personal vision, mission, and values statements to guide future decisions and actions.


“I am delighted to be hosting Charles Weathers in Greenville this year. I have worked with him in the past and have personally witnessed his innate ability to inspire nonprofit leaders to be their best. The nonprofit sector needs to plan for the future by building the capacity of its emerging leaders. Our goal for the session on August 22 is to offer some of the tools for doing this,” shared Debbie Nelson, founder and producer of Shine the Light Nonprofit Forums.

This year Shine the Light has piloted a new learning initiative thanks to the support of The Graham Foundation and the Jolley Foundation. A month after each Shine the Light session workshop participants have the opportunity to attend a two-hour professionally facilitated Booster Session to discuss implementation strategies with their peers.

Shine the Light has one more forum scheduled for 2018. On October 16, from 8 a.m. to noon, Adrienne Burris of Greenville Wordsmiths will lead “Daily Exercise: Build Your Storytelling Muscles.”

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