7 Tips For “Leading Forward” – Takeaways from Session 1 Innovation Labs

On May 10, more than 100 nonprofit leaders gathered at the Warehouse Theatre for the kickoff session of DNA Creative Communications‘ Shine the Light Nonprofit Forums. Professional development consultant Jovian Zayne delivered the keynote address, highlighting a few important considerations for effective, innovative leadership. Attendees then participated in Innovation Labs facilitated by leaders in the Greenville community and discussed what fosters effective, innovative leadership. These were their takeaways.

1. Always lead with the “why.”

A. Always understand your personal to connect to the larger, organizational why.

2. Self-awareness and balance are key.

A. Always be challenged and visionary.

B. Be 100% authentically you.

3. Communication is a 2-way street.

A. Authentic communication includes listening.

B. Pay attention to what was said and what wasn’t.

C. Engage in face-to-face communication.

D. Try to understand the “why” of others.

4. Improving culture starts with you.

A. Non-verbal matters. (i.e. “Don’t look at me with that tone!”)

B. To Lead Forward you must focus on people.

C. Define your own purpose more clearly so you may focus on others.

5. Don’t be content with the status quo.

A. Come to meetings with positive “what if” questions.

B. Find a mentor who knows more about your role than you do.

6. Succession Planning = Leadership.

A. Help the next person be a better leader than you are.

7. Lead Forward by including these principles into your work everyday.

For more information about the remaining three sessions and registration, click here!

Posted May 18, 2016 in: Blog by Debbie Nelson

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