Shine the Light: Acceleration Through Diversity – Blog post by Jacqueline Fischer

The connections and knowledge shared at this most recent Shine the Light Forum was the exact reason I became an AmeriCorps VISTA. People don’t sign up for AmeriCorps or the Peace Corps for the ¬†monetary benefits, but more for the experiences and people that they encounter along their term of service.

The topic of this Shine the Light Forum, Accelerating Organizational Effectiveness with an Increasingly Diverse Team, is one that I found very insightful. From my experience, when people talk about diversity, the main points are generally race and gender. The different views given about diversity in the workplace “shined light” on many other aspects of diversity such as generational diversity, diversity of personalities and work styles. It was a useful reminder that sometimes we need to take a step back and think about how other personalities interpret changes in the workplace or different preferred methods of communication, and how each generation values outcomes, spread of work, and use of technology.

I found the breakout groups, the Innovation Labs, to be particularly stimulating. As a recent college graduate I have a lot to learn from more seasoned nonprofit executives. As I begin my term of service as a VISTA, I appreciated the advice I received on working with diversity both in office settings as well as through volunteer groups and community partnerships from the other members of my group. It was also nice to be able to bring a fresh point of view to the group discussion as someone fairly new to the nonprofit field and the workforce in general.

I had an amazing time at the Shine the Light event and had the opportunity to connect with some of the largest nonprofit organizations in the Greenville area. It was an event that I walked away from with an invaluable amount of knowledge about being aware of all types of diversity.



Jacqueline Fischer was born and raised in the suburbs of Connecticut. She attended Furman University and graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Jacqueline has remained in Greenville since graduation and is currently doing a year of service as an AmeriCorps VISTA at Little Steps.

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