Juan Johnson will facilitate “As We Lead: Strategic Diversity Leadership” on April 30, 2019 at Kroc Greenville

DNA Creative Communications, in partnership with the Community Foundation of Greenville, the United Way of Greenville County, the Hollingsworth Funds, the Jolley Foundation and The Graham Foundation, announces the first session of its 4-part 2019 program – Launch Into The Future: Applying the Equity Lens to Our Work. On April 30 Juan Johnson will facilitate “As We Lead: Strategic Diversity Leadership” at Kroc Greenville (425 Westfield Street, Greenville). Upstate nonprofit leaders are invited to attend one of two sessions offered (8:30-noon OR 1:30-5:00).

Debbie Nelson, president and founder of Shine the Light Nonprofit Forums shares, “This year Shine the Light will challenge Greenville’s nonprofit community to launch their organizations into the future by applying the equity lens to their work. We will explore how the lack of equity impacts an organization’s ability to achieve its mission. And conversely how leading an equitable organization can result in greater success. Each of our four sessions will bring a national expert to Greenville to expose participants to proven strategies, provide them with opportunities to learn together, and equip them with implementation tools to build a more equitable organization.”

The objective of the April 30th workshop is to engage nonprofit leaders in safe and productive dialogue about diversity and how an “all-inclusive” and strategic approach to diversity can enhance their ability to achieve their missions. The content of the workshops will include: discussion of the historical context for diversity in America; exploration of challenges of cross-cultural communications, including unconscious bias, tone deafness, etc.; introduction of Diversity Blind Spots as an unintended consequence of the lack of exposure and interaction across diversity dimensions; and tools for engaging all stakeholders while pursuing diversity and inclusion objectives.

The workshop will be very interactive and include a variety of exercises, competitions, scenarios and audio/visual tools to build a safe environment for authentic communication. These activities and tools are designed with appreciation for the fact that many nonprofit leaders are operating in an environments in which stakeholders are sometimes polarized, confused, uncomfortable and reluctant; as well as concerned, hopeful, optimistic and expectant. The underlying framework that will guide the design and facilitation of the workshop is a strategic shift from obligation to the opportunity.

Juan Johnson is President of Diversity Leadership in Action, an Atlanta-based consulting firm. Juan has served as a consultant since July 2006, concluding an extraordinary 21-year career with The Coca-Cola Company. After working in a variety of visible areas throughout the company, he was tapped to become the Company’s first Vice President for Diversity Strategy, reporting directly to the CEO. Through his company, Diversity Leadership in Action, Juan conducts diversity leadership programs nationally. In South Carolina, he serves as a Senior Distinguished Fellow with the Richard W. Riley Institute at Furman University and is the chief designer and facilitator of the Riley Institute’s diversity leadership programs across the state.

For more information about Shine the Light Nonprofit Forums or to register for this event or others, please visit www.NonprofitForums.org or call Debbie Nelson at (864)-420-0195.

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